The Beatles Band Signed Revolver Album

  • $ 30,000.00

The Beatles Signed Revolver Album! Released in early August of 1966. This Capital Mono T2576 copy was signed in late August of 1966 at the request of a Brinks armored transport employee that shuttled the band from Candlestick Park to the airport after the concert. There are very few exemplars of Beatles Autographs from this time period as the band had so much security that it was next to impossible to get something signed.The signatures are in blue point pen and have faded legibility. Signatures in ball point pen are often difficult to read on vinyl in part due to these types of pens not taking well to the vinyl surfaces of LP's as well as the owner not storing and taking care of the album! However! how was one to know at that particular time that this album if in better condition could easily price in the six digits fifty years later? American release albums signed by the band are very rare and almost non existent! We feel that due to the condition issues ( significant cover wear front and back ) as well as the signature legibility, that this album is priced reasonably! However this piece could easily fetch a higher price through other sales venues. This is a great chance for that Beatles Autographs Collector to own an american release LP signed by the entire band and the most sought after title by collectors ( Revolver ) in that is a privilege for only the lucky few! Included is our letter of provenance document noting signing info and location.  NOTE: Photos of the signatures have enhanced digital lighting effects.


The Beatles, Candlestick Park S.F. August 29th 1966