Led Zeppelin Signed Album 1971

  • $ 4,000.00

 Led Zeppelin II band signed album from Atlantic Records signed by band members Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham and John Paul Jones. This Vinyl copy was signed in August of 1971 in Seattle Washington USA. The vinyl is in decent condition, the cover has some visible fade. As one can see the signatures are legible but have some natural fade as to the age of the cover. Band signed Zeppelin albums are scarce and in high demand by collectors. Taking into consideration the condition, signatures and album title that this is priced fair however due to the rarity of this piece, it could easily fetch a higher price on the market.  Included is our letter of authenticity / provenance noting the signing  event and all information from The Beatles Official Autographs Store.



  The below exemplar was signed in Milan the previous month! One can see the similar style variation.