How We Price The Beatles Autographs

The price of Beatles Autographs and memorabilia on the market can vary greatly depending on the dealer. Many factors can determine the price that an owner will agree to part with their precious Fab 4 autograph. When Beatles Official Autographs Store sets a price for an item, we take into consideration the fallowing factors, The era of the signatures i.e post or pre-band breakup, the type of document signed i.e. paper cut or photographs, album sleeves. The type of document or item signed has a great impact on the value. Then we take into consideration the condition of the item ( LP cover has wear or damage or is a very common title ) as well as The rarity of the type of signed item on the current market and of course entire band signed item or single member. Then there is the clarity of the signature? faded, or bright and very legible? When it comes to Beatles Autographs, It's all about Peace Love and Joy for the most fabulous musical group in history!