We offer authentic hand signed items by the most successful commercial music band of all time "The Beatles". All of our items have been examined and authenticated by the world's number one top authority figures on Beatles Autographs including Frank Caiazzo and come certified with a signed letter of Authenticity / Provenance from ( The Beatles Official Autographs Store /  Mark Oneal ) with a photograph of the item and historic information that states the origins of the signature! Every item we offer and have sold has been photographed and entered into our data base for future reference. Some Beatles band or individual member signed items that were not obtained by this store in person will accompany a provenance document from the original party that obtained the autograph/s as any lucky person who met The Beatles and got an autograph would have this information to pass on from owner to future owner. Any buyer/collector worth their salt would require this information. Our items are acquired from special events, concerts and locations where The Beatles or solo band members were present dating back to the early days of their career in the 1960's! Beatles Official Autographs Store was created with one purpose in mind: to become the Web's leading source for genuine Beatles signed collectibles and memorabilia! All of our items are certified 100% authentic and fully backed by our store guarantee for life. We strive to be the memorabilia industries most trusted and valuable source for The Beatles Autographs! We are one of the very very few dealers that can and will provide information concerning where our autographs were obtained, events, dates, meet and greets, and concert events! This is something we pride our business on and is something that almost all of the dealers in the industry just can not accomplish! DON'T BUY BEATLES AUTOGRAPHS WITHOUT A PROVENANCE DOCUMENT!