The Beatles John Lennon Signed Guitar

  • $ 8,000.00

The Beatles John Lennon Signed Guitar! A very rare and one of a kind! This is a Japan import acoustic guitar " Decca" that dates to the time period of 1967-72. John Lennon signed this guitar in March of 1969 at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel. As one can see, there is some age fade to the signature as the  doodle faces of Yoko and John are visible! To our knowledge, there are only a half dozen Lennon signed guitars in existence. Due to this item being post band breakup and some condition issues with the guitar, i.e. missing string and visible scratches, we feel this is a decent price for an amazing and one of a kind Lennon signed item. Included is a letter of provenance / authenticity noting the event and date where the signature was obtained from The Beatles Official Autographs Store