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Offering Authentic Beatles Autographs

The best place to find authentic Beatles signed Albums, Photos and other rare items bearing the autographs of John, Paul, George and Ringo! Beatles collectibles and memorabilia have always been in high demand by collectors and fans alike as well as being a great investment as the bands legendary status has continued to increase in popularity and autographed items have steadily increased in value through the decades since the time of the break up of the band in 1970! We are always updating our inventory with new hand signed items as they are acquired! All of the items offered here come with a letter of provenance noting the event, date and location concerning the origins of the signature along with a photograph of the item! Unlike most dealers, Our items will always accompany this critical information as we advise collectors to only purchase items from dealers that can provide in writing the provenance origins of the signature. For those collectors who have always wanted to own an authentic Beatles Signed Item or maybe and item autographed by your favorite Beatles band member, The Beatles Official Autographs Store is the place to shop! Visit BROWSE GALLERY for the latest acquisitions available for purchase!


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The Beatles "The Iconic Music Band"

Most people visualize The Beatles as "The band that changed music and a generation" and in fact that is just what they did! in fact even before they played their first show in New York in 1964, They had already invented a new style of music and millions of adoring fans in The UK that revolutionized the way music would be enjoyed by the young and sent Rock n Roll on it's way to being a world wide phenomenon! Fans and young ladies alike would gather around the hotel's and airports or where ever they could get access to the band to get autographs and photos of the Lad's from Liverpool! Before the group landed on American shores in February of 1964, most fans in the UK had a relatively easy time obtaining autographs from John, Paul, George and Ringo! However that all changed with the British Invasion of America! By the time of the bands first visit to New York, there was so much security around the band that getting an autograph required some ingenuity or being in the right place at the right time or perhaps being an employee at a business or location where the band would be present. The most common autographed items are photos or cuts ( pieces of paper ) Signed record album covers ( LP's ) are much rarer and command a very high price in the memorabilia industry. The most common signed LP covers are that of the parlophone covers from the UK during the time that the band had their big break through in Europe. Only a very few American released LP's were ever signed by the entire band! During the 1980's the value of Beatles autographs started to increase and has not stopped even until today as signed items by The Beatles are as popular as ever!